My name is Ebru Sak and I’m the Founder of Fast & Fabulous. I am a Turkish/Australian beauty entrepreneur with business acumen, courage and a passion for helping women shine brighter.

It is with pleasure to introduce my new makeup range and regime, Fast & Fabulous, truly a labour of love.

As a time-challenged mum running a business, I am passionate about developing products and services that make our daily essentials fast and easy allowing us to face the day and the world in absolute confidence.

Fast & Fabulous gives me the right balance of even skin-tone, radiance and freshness to look myself, be myself and love myself as I am.

I sincerely hope that you too will fall in love with your new makeup regime and no matter what life throws at you, Stay Fabulous!

Love Always,

Reveal your Beautiful

Everyday makeup essentials

Fast & Fabulous is a simple, well-balanced makeup selection designed exclusively for the minimalist woman.

Ebru has, once again, liaised with leading industry professionals from around the world in search of the perfect combination of exceptional ingredients and formulations that work in harmony with our lovingly crafted applicator brushes, diligently tested and tried on humans, including herself and not on animals.

Fast & Fabulous is designed as a solution to the morning rush of stepping out with minimum effort and maximum impact to face the world with absolute confidence.

“Beautiful is a state of mind. Once upon a time I wore makeup to conceal,
today I wear makeup to reveal my beautiful”   EBRU SAK


Meet Ebru Sak and learn why she developed her makeup range.